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Places you should see in Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is a major business district located in Tower Hamlets in central London. It is the latest leisure destination with numerous cinemas, restaurants, cafes and gardens. Also, there is enormous music, art, theatre, dance, art and fashion here. Canary Wharf exemplifies the spirit of London. There are as many as 300 shops, bars, cafes and restaurants to enliven the neighbourhood of Canary Wharf. The neighbourhood is well connected and easily

Best cities to visit in France during Euro 2016

Photo by CC user Liondartois on wikimedia commons Looking for the best cities to visit in France during Euro 2016? There are many stadiums sprinkled throughout the country that will be hosting the best sides that Europe has to offer, but unless you have unlimited money and time, you will only be able to focus on one region or two at the most. To help you make your decision on where to go, we have reviewed four cities below that we think

Check out these great wellness discounts with Groupon

Certain things in the US, such as gasoline or groceries, are extremely cheap when compared to other countries. But that's not true for a wide range of services where the high cost of labor and technology means that we have to fork out a considerable amount of cash to use them. Services like laser hair removal are essentially luxuries that many can't afford. But it doesn't have to be that way. Head on over to Groupon's new wellness, health and

Groupon gets creative with business listings & coupons

Groupon made a fortune back in the day, stealing the hearts and minds of many a shopper with its great discounts and deal-a-day coupons. In recent times that business model has lost its sheen, forcing the company to become a bit more creative as it looks to expand. The idea it's come up with is smart. Instead of just offering coupons and vouchers, Groupon posts these along with detailed information of each business its promoting. In other words,

The Top Cities of South America

South America is a truly wonderful part of the world. There is just so much diversity on offer here – the rainforests of the Amazon, the peaks of the Andes, the glaciers of Patagonia, Mayan and Incan ruins, beautiful white beaches… it is all available for you to enjoy. And if all these myriad natural wonders are simply not doing it for you, the cities of South America are also pretty amazing. Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Quito, Bogotá…