How Millennials Have Changed Everyday Apparel

Whether they are heading off to work or play the millennial generation (those born after 1982) have really change how certain types of apparel are worn. According to an article on Forbes, millennials have created themselves a brand new clothing style referred to as ‘athleisure’ which is a cross between clothing for exercising and general wear. Clothing that was traditionally only found in the gym such as leggings, tee shirts, running shorts and sneakers have now found a new life outside the gym and are being worn as regular everyday apparel.

The millennial generation is fueling the flames of a more relaxed society when it comes to dress codes. This athleisure wear is also finding itself in the workplace. With more and more establishments being run by millennials it is becoming more acceptable to wear this type of apparel to work.

In an another article it discussed that by being rebellious against the culture norm millennials are killing national chains who depended on the tradition of normalcy. Millennials want to be different. They what to beat to the beat of a different drum, their own. They are not interested in following traditional codes, they want to create their own. Could this be the end of traditional apparel as we know it?

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