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Why are people flocking to Fuerteventura lately?

As the chill of September begins to sweep in from the north, people are starting to bemoan the end of summer, and the prolonged torturous descent into winter that this implies. Many folks wish they could do something about it, but having used up a bunch of their time off in the summer, they have barely enough to cover Christmas, plus a badly needed getaway during the frigid depths of February. You however are in a more fortunate position, whether

Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Central African Republic

Careful thought and planning is needed if you want to travel to Central African Republic. The U.S. Department has several advisories warning against its safety. Newbie travelers should get their feet wet in safer yet exotic nations located elsewhere. If you are determined to push through with a trip to the Central African Republic though, you should go see its best attractions. These popular tourist spots showcase the country’s eccentric beauty

Picture of the Week: Palacio Barolo in Buenos Aires!

Started in 1919 and finished in 1923, Palacio Barolo is an amazing art neauveau building in Buenos Aires. It is located at 1370 Avenida de Mayo in the center of the city. When I lived in Buenos Aires for a summer, it was actually where the office of my language school was located. It was truly an amazing building!