Why are people flocking to Fuerteventura lately?

Holidays in Fuerteventura are a thing these days, and beaches like this are a big reason why!

Holidays in Fuerteventura are a thing these days, and beaches like this are a big reason why!

As the chill of September begins to sweep in from the north, people are starting to bemoan the end of summer, and the prolonged torturous descent into winter that this implies. Many folks wish they could do something about it, but having used up a bunch of their time off in the summer, they have barely enough to cover Christmas, plus a badly needed getaway during the frigid depths of February.

You however are in a more fortunate position, whether you have a surplus of holiday time to use or one of those newfangled digital nomad jobs (we’re so jealous!). Having done a bit of research, you reckon that a brief escape to the Canary Islands is exactly the extension to summer that you have been craving.

In particular, all the buzz surrounding Fuerteventura, formerly a less known island in the Canaries, it has you pondering taking a last minute holiday to Fuerteventura before you settle into your work groove for the balance of the fall.

To help you understand why people have been going on holidays in Fuerteventura lately, here is a rundown of its best features of which holidaymakers simply can’t get enough.

Beaches that defy expectation

While the party set dominate the sands of the more-visited island of Tenerife, those looking for peace and quiet while they lounge on an idyllic beach will relish their decision to come to Fuerteventura. The blinding white sands of Jandia is where you’ll find the seclusion that you seek, while those looking to carve up the abundant surf that pounds ashore on this island will find the best breaks at The Bubble (ask around when you get here for more details)

400 years of Spanish colonization lives here

Those looking for a bit of culture on their holiday will find it in the small town of Betancuria on Fuerteventura. This settlement features numerous houses, churches and plazas dating back 400 years to when this place was recovering from a pirate attack that wiped out this beautiful town.

All told, this charming place has been around for almost 600 years, making it an excellent spot to go in order to feel out the pulse of local life on Fuerteventura.

Ancient volcanoes just waiting to be conquered … by you

Like the rest of the Canaries, Fuerteventura was formed by volcanic activity, leaving it will towering peaks that define its interior. If you consider yourself to be an athletic type, then challenging one of the many trekking trails that blanket this mountainous area might be of interest to you. From coastal walks, to ravine hikes, and volcanic ascents, there is a nature experience on Fuerteventura just waiting to be discovered by you and your two (aching) feet.