Restful, not stressful: how to have a relaxing holiday

A holiday should be about spoiling yourself. Look at it this way, you’ve worked hard all year, counted down the days, saved the pounds, and the day is finally here – you should be looking forward to rest, relaxation, and a spot of pampering for the duration of your break. With this in mind, how can you make sure your holiday is more restful than stressful?

Your destination of choice should give you the first indicator as to how chilled-out your break is likely to be. For instance, if you are wanting peace and quiet, it’s probably advisable to do your research first, to avoid booking a hotel right in the heart of San Antonio on Ibiza, smack-bang in the middle of the night-life circuit, or grabbing a Majorcan break that makes you dream of massages and spa treatments, with the sound of the waves, only to find you’ve booked a break in Magaluf. Knowledge is power.

When you’ve narrowed down your destination and finally booked your holiday, what can you do to make your travel day as restful as your actual time spent in resort? Well, a great little add-on I found recently certainly made my travel stress-free and put me right in the holiday mood. I booked the Gatwick Meet and Greet service, and was blown away by the service I received.

Someone met me at the airport door, took my car to my parking space for the duration of my time away, and then met me with my car when I returned. Fantastic service! Of course driving yourself to the airport in general is the way forward for keeping control in your hands, and stress far away. I always book my parking spot through ParkBCP, because I always find a great deal. No matter where you’re flying from to your onward destination, you will find a parking facility to suit.

Booking extra leg room on your flight will give you a little more comfort, as well as pre-booking your seats to ensure you’re exactly where you want to be on-board. These little add-ons do cost but they are worth it to make your flight more comfortable, especially if you’re going long-haul.

Once you land, think about how you’re going to get to your resort. Are you going to book a shuttle transfer, which may take you around many different hotels before you reach yours, or are you going to book a private shuttle, which will get you there in double quick time? Book in advance however, as this will always work out cheaper than a regular taxi from the airport.

To make sure you have the experience you want, request a room with a sea view or a pool view if that is what you’re dreaming of, and specify this at the time of booking. You will find most websites and agents say they can’t guarantee your request, but at least you’ve upped your chances of getting what you want, and mention it again at check-in.

Making your holiday chilled out and stress-free isn’t that difficult when you put into place a few extras to make life easier, however it is mainly about your mind-set – go with chilled-out thoughts and you’re more likely to achieve a chilled-out state.