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Where to get travel related essentials before your next trip

Everyone knows vacations aren't the cheapest things to do, but people don't normally account for all the extra expenses that come along with them like travel insurance, getting the right clothes beforehand, etc. Well, we've got a nice tip for you today, leverage online coupons and save big on all those pre-trip purchases! Groupon Coupons offers a whopping 70,000+ coupons available on their website from more than 9,000 retailers, and you won't even

Downsizing Before Your Travels

Trying to decide what to take and what to leave behind can be a bit of a nightmare. Most of us overpack, ending up carting around clothes we never wear and items we never use. Downsizing before your travels, whether you’re just going away for a week or two or you’re planning an extended tour, takes some organising. Extended tours can be hardest of all, especially if you’re camping or motor homing and there’s the need for additional

Reduce airport stress by treating yourself to some culinary delights!

There are many ways that you can get rid of anxiety at the airport, such as doing yoga and meditation exercises, but sometimes all you need to get away from all that hustle and bustle is a delicious meal paired with a nice cocktail or glass of wine. If you're ever passing through the following airports, make sure you wind down with a little food and drink at the following restaurants: The Perfectionists' Cafe in London Heathrow In a 2013 blog

How to Optimize a Trip Before You Even Take It

Travel, like many aspects of life, has its ups and downs. However, the many unknowns of traveling to a place of which you have limited or zero forehand knowledge can introduce problems that can interfere with your overall enjoyment of your holiday. By learning how to optimize a trip, you can reduce or eliminate major problems, and enhance your ability to deal with smaller issues that do crop up. 1) Download metro/subway maps to your mobile When

Restful, not stressful: how to have a relaxing holiday

A holiday should be about spoiling yourself. Look at it this way, you’ve worked hard all year, counted down the days, saved the pounds, and the day is finally here – you should be looking forward to rest, relaxation, and a spot of pampering for the duration of your break. With this in mind, how can you make sure your holiday is more restful than stressful? Your destination of choice should give you the first indicator as to how chilled-out