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Groupon gets creative with business listings & coupons

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The Top Cities of South America

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How to Optimize a Trip Before You Even Take It

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Can One Be Allergic To Medical Cannabis?

466433719_88ac13b1d1_b Since marijuana is a gentle and natural form of medicine, it may be hard for some people to believe that a person could be allergic to it. But, just like we can be allergic to other plants, it is possible that one could be allergic to marijuana. Growing Reports of Cannabis Allergies We are beginning to notice that more and more people are allergic to marijuana. Perhaps this is because of the growing numbers of people using the plant to medicate Read more [...]

Top 5 Things to Do For the Perfect Weekend In Malta  

image1 Malta is a wonderfully diverse country, with a turbulent history and vibrant culture to show for it. With so many fantastic attractions on offer, for those with only a short amount of time there, it can be difficult to decide what to do. Fortunately, this list covers five of the very best must-see attractions, that all guests to the country are bound to love! 1. Wander The Streets Of Medina  Malta’s old town is as rife with history Read more [...]

What to do While Visiting Jakarta

what to do while visiting jakarta Planning on spending some time in Indonesia's capitol? This bustling mega city has to loads to offer travelers regardless of their interests. Here are some recommendations on what to do while visiting Jakarta so you can make the most of your visit. Eat on the Street Jakarta is home to some of  Java's best food and the best place to get great food is on the street. Start off with some of the staples like classic spiced chicken on a stick: satay, before Read more [...]

Places you should see in Canary Wharf

DSCF1034.JPG Canary Wharf is a major business district located in Tower Hamlets in central London. It is the latest leisure destination with numerous cinemas, restaurants, cafes and gardens. Also, there is enormous music, art, theatre, dance, art and fashion here. Canary Wharf exemplifies the spirit of London. There are as many as 300 shops, bars, cafes and restaurants to enliven the neighbourhood of Canary Wharf. The neighbourhood is well connected and easily Read more [...]

Best cities to visit in France during Euro 2016

syt_stadefra Photo by CC user Liondartois on wikimedia commons Looking for the best cities to visit in France during Euro 2016? There are many stadiums sprinkled throughout the country that will be hosting the best sides that Europe has to offer, but unless you have unlimited money and time, you will only be able to focus on one region or two at the most. To help you make your decision on where to go, we have reviewed four cities below that we think Read more [...]