Panama’s Island Paradise: Things To Know About Visiting Bocas Del Toro

One of the things to know about visiting Bocas Del Toro: beaches like this are everywhere!

There are a lot of things to know about visiting Bocas del Toro in Panama that will help you have the holiday of a lifetime. They will entice all tourists to come over to this paradiscal island chain, as the attractions found here have wide appeal to those starved of heat, sunshine, and life satisfaction.

One thing to note though, before embarking on any journey (especially to an exotic region like Panama), it is important to visit a doctor and see what vaccinations and/or medications you might need before you go. Parasites, bacteria, and region-specific illnesses are all potential negative setbacks so it is important to safeguard against them. If your unsure of how the ACA and how health insurance works, a quick Google search will yield a wealth of information. After all, now that affordable health coverage is available, seeing a doctor shouldn’t be a hard decision.

Bocas Del Toro is located in the northwest portion of Panama on the unspeakably gorgeous Caribbean side. A wide variety of tourists visit this place to partake of activities such as surfing, scuba diving, and eco-tourism. Many come just to enjoy the laid back island atmosphere found here in abundance, while others come to party, as they are attracted by Boca’s active nightlife scene.

One of the top things to know about visiting Bocas del Toro Panama is that this island has become a top destination in Panama, and as such, many speak English, a fact that makes many tourists comfortable. The 8,000 inhabitants of these islands are friendly and accommodating to visitors. The indigenous tribes that call this place home are even the ones guiding tourists, helping them to discover the best aspects of what makes Bocas Del Toro a truly special place in the world.

Another one of the things to know about visiting Bocas del Toro is that in terms of accessibility, Bocas del Toro is effortlessly reached. It can be accessed through planes from Panama City that take only 45 minutes in total. They can be reached by land, which takes 3 hours by bus, with a boat ride from Boquete that takes about 30 minutes.

By the time you reach the place, moving around will absolutely be easier since most attractions in the islands can be reached on foot. Some can ride bicycles and scooters. Without a doubt, you can reach Bocas del Toro and enjoy all the destinations found here hassle free.

Bocas del Toro, Panama, being one of the top destinations in the country offers wonderful landscapes and many sandy beaches to enjoy. Nature lovers will truly love the flora and fauna of the place as there are beautiful, lush greens and various astonishing species of wildlife that can be found everywhere you look.

Bocas del Toro’s wonderful beaches will no doubt stoke the interest of adventure lovers in exploring its scuba diving, which Bocas del Toro is primarily known for. The ocean has beautiful reefs and different aquatic life that is yet to be discovered by the tourists. Also, snorkeling is another activity which can be enjoyed by families, especially the kids as they can see different kinds of fishes swimming with them in the water. The water also has consistent breakers, making it suitable for surfing. Additionally, you can also go kayaking and paddling with your loved ones, as it is an incredible way to enjoy the sunset together.

One more thing that should count among the top things to know about visiting Bocas del Toro is that aside from nature and adventure, Bocas del Toro is also known to be a place for those who want to experience leisure via a vibrant nightlife, shopping and dining scene. There are a lot of things sold by the locals as well as sumptuous cuisines and dishes that are just waiting to be devoured by you.

Lastly, for you to enjoy your stay, we recommend visiting Bocas del Toro in the months of August, October, February and April when it rains the least.