Top 3 Islands to Visit in the Bahamas!

When it comes to island life there’s no place like Grand Bahama Island. This is one of the most culture rich tropical paradises in the world, and it’s been a favorite place for tourists for a very long time. This place is not only a timeless classic, but it is literally a little slice of heaven here on earth.

Bimini island in The Bahamas
Whether it’s nightlife you’re looking for or great family fun, water sports or dry land adventures you are going to love this place. There’s just something magical about it, and very few people leave the same way in which they came. It is a place that becomes a part of your soul, and there’s always a slight inkling to return lingering somewhere in the back of your mind. There really are no words to express this place that you really must see and experience to truly believe.

Paradise Island is another great place to visit. While it is not quite the breathtaking experience that Grand Island can be, it comes in at a real close second. If you can visit both places it would definitely be an unforgettable adventure. You will find white shore beaches, clear waters, a family fun adventure park and so much more. This is the perfect spot to create unforgettable memories with the family. When nighttime comes you can hit one of the Vegas style casinos for some adult fun.

The top three islands to visit when you go to the Bahamas are Bimini Island, Nassau Island (better known as Paradise Island) and of course our featured island which comes in strong as number one. The Bahamas is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and you’re always going to find something amazing to do on your visit.

Have you ever been to Grand Bahamas Island? If not then you haven’t truly visited the Bahamas.

Grand Bahamas Island is a wonderful place which offers shopping, family fun, and an unforgettable night life scene. It is awesome whether you are the outdoors type or you prefer the more lavish lifestyle. It is a place that doesn’t discriminate, as there is something there for everyone. However, the most spectacular thing that the island has to offer is the underwater adventure. Grand Bahamas Island is only 55 miles from Florida, and it is a place that you will never forget. The awesome part is that this trip is a lot more budget friendly than you may think. check out

Bimini Island is another great idea for your trip to the Bahamas. Bimini Island is a place of historic mystery. The locals are friendly, and there is so much waiting to be discovered in this majestic place. It was once a local stash spot for rum runners. It is about 50 miles off of the coast of Florida. Some people even have the belief that this amazing place is a small piece of the lost city of Atlantis left here for us to explore.

Bimini Island has a memorial of the late Martin Luther King Jr. honoring his legacy, and there is also a healing spring that will leave you feeling more than rejuvenated. Most importantly you will want to explore Bimini’s nature trail on your visit, to take in the breathtaking scenery and amazing wildlife native to the island. For those who want a little more extravagance the Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina or Resorts World Bimini may be the option for you. Whatever you favor you can rest assured that Bimini has a little something for everyone.

You can start planning your trip on your budget today. Come visit and catch some of the most unique festivals, pristine beaches and some of the most awesome nightlife you’ll find anywhere else in the world. It’s actually much more affordable for a Bahamas day cruise from Fort Lauderdale than you might think.

The waters are beautiful; the landscape is a lush and magical while both are teeming with wildlife and adventure full of discoveries just waiting to be found all around you. There truly is no place on earth like it. What are you waiting on? Plan your tropical get away to Grand Bahama Island today.